Night Lovell Prepares New Album, Drops "Bad Kid"

Night Lovell Prepares New Album, Drops "Bad Kid"

It was over two years ago that Night Lovell gave us Red Teenage Melody. The Ottawa-based artist quickly grew a cult-like fanbase of diehard fans who have pushed his music worldwide, even years later. What started out as an underground movement gained the notice of industry, and Night Lovell was soon found on festival lineups across the country.

Fast forward a year and things have been relatively quiet from his camp in 2018 – but his fans have been patiently waiting for his return. In a recent instagram post, the artist posted a handwritten note explaining the push on his new album. He writes, “I wish there wasn’t ever anything in between us but sometimes shit gets in the way.

A new single quickly emerged afterwards online and reminded us of Night Lovell’s ability to transcend genres and now, even time. “Bad Kid” maintains the artist dark and revelled sound, with a newfound energy. Along with this first release, fans can expect a month of content up to the album’s release on February 22nd.

Stream “Bad Kid” below, and follow Night Lovell on Twitter.

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