Listen To "In My Head" The Reflective New Single From Zeina

Listen To "In My Head" The Reflective New Single From Zeina

Following the release of her new video “Tear Drops” at the end of December, Zeina is poised to have a strong 2019 with the release of another hypnotic new single. “In My Head” is a highly personal and reflective single that might go over some heads on first listen. The ever-evolving artist doesn’t miss a beat, singing of the shallow reality of her surroundings – “In a city where they shake it for the loot, In a place where they flex to hid the truth.”

The upbeat vibe of the Dakari-produced track carefully intertwine and mask the layers of her lyrics. Her consistent drops as of recently indicate that we might be getting a new project soon. The young artist made the move from her Montreal home to Los Angeles this prior year to further her career in music. Along with her fans, we’re excited to hear what she’s been working on.

Listen to “In My Head” below, and follow her on Twitter.

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