Sean Leon Just Dropped A New Track, Listen To "1:19"

Sean Leon Just Dropped A New Track, Listen To "1:19"

Today the JUNO Awards announced their nominees today, and seemingly left off their lists one of Canada’s most definitive voices in Canadian hip hop – Sean Leon. He dropped a new single tonight to remind us that he remains the most underrated artist in the Canadian music industry.

“1:19” is an energetic and impactful single that reflects on this very topic. Sean Leon is highly introspective and acknowledgement his consciousness of the way his art is received, rapping, “Been in corners having private convo’s with my Uber driver, Shirt Comme des Garçons/ Had a heart to heart like I knew the driver, Shit is changing, If I let it shake me then I let it change me (damn!)/ Did I live in action? Did they get my point? Do people need explaining?

Stream “1:19” below and follow Sean Leon on Twitter.

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