Keynes Woods Nods 'Limitless' in new single 'Bradley Coop'

Keynes Woods Nods 'Limitless' in new single 'Bradley Coop'

With so much heat coming from Toronto, Keynes Woods is more motivation for upcoming rappers to stay ready. Last week, the young MC dropped his new single “Bradley Coop.”

The track boasts with talent with production by Goldsoul, Luca Mauti and Zlender (Toronto) which pairs beautifully with Keynes’ dark yet soothing cadence.

As the title and lyrics suggests this takes heavy references from Limitless starring Bradley Cooper and very much like the movie the emotion throughout the song is one of an artist who’s scraping and hustling his way to success, and in spite of putting some numbers on the board, gaining recognition and notoriety there’s still a desire for some kind of cheat code “I need a Bradley pill, I need a alley oop…”

Stream “Bradley Coop” below and follow Keynes on Instagram.

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