Don't Miss PHVIL's Stunning Vocals In "SAME GAME"

Don't Miss PHVIL's Stunning Vocals In "SAME GAME"

It isn’t often that we’re delivered singles that effectively move us to the core – so when we do stumble across one we feel obliged to share. Cue the entry of Vancouver-based singer/songwriter PHVIL and his debut single “SAME GAME.” Falling somewhere between both pop and R&B genres, the single is a tragic and emotional ode to lost love.

In conversation, PHVIL elaborates, “The song is about loving someone and the route of it. We all learn how to love. For me, I saw my parents go through it. I’m just trying to learn how to be a good man. In the song, it goes back and forth from talking to my parents, to talking to my significant other. I’m explaining to her why I think our relationship didn’t work out, the route of the problems, and how I’m trying to fix it.

Vancouver’s bourgeoning producer KULTARGOTBOUNCE assists with the electronic-influenced backdrop. Stream “SAME GAME” below, and follow PHVIL on Instagram.

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