Friyie's Album "ANF" Is An Inspiring Testament To Perseverance

Friyie's Album "ANF" Is An Inspiring Testament To Perseverance

An integral member of Toronto’s rap community, Toronto artist Friyie has successfully paved his own path in the Canadian music industry, and on his own terms. To those who have worked with the rapper, he’s regarded as a highly determined and self-motivated artist with the drive to succeed in spite of systemic struggles. To his fans and listeners, he’s a skilled emcee who consistently delivers with prolific bars and competitive production.

Born in Canada, Friyie moved to Ghana in his preteens before returning to Toronto as a young adult. He first established himself in Toronto’s local music community with his debut mixtape, Hottest In the City Vol. 1 in 2011. The success from the project opened doors to showcases like “Toronto’s Got Talent,” and garnered support for Friyie’s movement from international celebrities like Floyd Mayweather. Fans will testify that Friyie’s hit “Money Teams” dominated greater Toronto during the summer of 2017.

But the recent release of his Friyie’s new projectANF (Ain’t Nothing Free) will credibly be considered his most impressive body of work. From his provoking entry on “Elite Freestyle” to self-assured declarations on “Superpowers,” Ain’t Nothing Free warrants respect and acknowledgement. Filled with thoughtful perspective and self-reflections, Friyie shines and holds his own alongside features from Roddy Rich, Tory Lanez, and Booggz.

While Friyie concedes that his journey thus far has not been easy, his perseverance will be noted and admired throughout the 16 tracks. Stream the project below, and read our full interview with Friyie.

Friyie (Photos: Xavier Samuel)

Q&A: Friyie

D’ARCC: Congratulations on the release of your EP – how does it feel to have this project finished and with your fans?

Friyie: Feels great, it’s been a long time coming. But we’re here, it’s go time now.

D’ARCC: What does “Ain’t Nothing Free” mean – for this project and also to you as an artist?

Friyie: “Ain’t Nothing Free” stems from my self-reflection of life’s trials and tribulations. At any point if I ever wanted something, I had to take it. Nothing was ever free. This music, and progressing as an artist, hasn’t been free.

D’ARCC: How long did it take for the EP to come together, and what was the creative process like making it?

Friyie: This project has material dating back to 2016, a dose of 2017, and a lot of 2018. I was just in a zone of recording for the past two years really. It’s a mixtape essentially, a whole integration of my vibes.

D’ARCC: After releasing this EP do you feel like you’ve solidified your sound – or do you feel like it’s still evolving?

Friyie: My sound will constantly be evolving, I’m solidified with my sound though. There are so much more vibes I have in the vault.

D’ARCC: The path for artists isn’t always clear or easy. How did you know which steps to take next throughout your career?

Friyie: I always stay true to myself and my gut feeling. Life’s full of ups and downs but it hasn’t failed me yet.

D’ARCC: What kind of adversity have you faced so far, in your life or career, and how has it influenced the music you make?

Friyie: Adversity comes in all shapes and sizes, and it happens to the best of us. I made records like “MetroHousingBaby” to touch on coming from nothing to making a living for yourself and supporting loved ones. That’s what keeps me going.

D’ARCC: How do you stay inspired and maintain consistent growth as an artist?

Friyie: The beauty in seeing the results of constant efforts to level up in all realms of my sound is priceless. I wanna’ grow my artistry to the point people can’t say what I do in particular.

D’ARCC: What do you want your fans and also new listeners to take away from this project – and your music?

Friyie: The versatility, and the pureness of it. I’m looking forward to see what the future holds.

Follow Friyie on Instagram and stream “ANF” below on Spotify.

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