Emma Lokai Debuts Stunning Vocals On New EP, DILEMMA

Emma Lokai Debuts Stunning Vocals On New EP, DILEMMA

A bright new Canadian R&B talent just made her debut, and you won’t want to miss this introduction. Mississauga R&B singer/songwriter Emma Lokai has been building the anticipation over the last six months leading up to the release of her new EP this week. Supported by Made In Sauga/Black Box Recordings, the songstress creates a lane of her own with subdued R&B ballads and moody sonic backdrops on this project that will quickly earn her adoration.

The 7-track EP is a remarkable introduction to her credible songwriting abilities and technique, as she takes listeners through her journey of love and self-reflection. Lokai effortlessly gives words to her most vulnerable feeling on “She’ll Know,” as she questions her position in a love triangle. Previously released in early 2019, “The High” also stands out as one of the strongest contributions on the EP. Her words are resounding and haunting, as she sings, “And I couldn’t get by on your lies, and I couldn’t get by on your lies.”

Stream Dilemma below, and follow Emma Lokai on Instagram.

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