VHS Emerges As Fierce Contender With "Relax"

VHS Emerges As Fierce Contender With "Relax"

It’s been a minute since we’ve been this excited about an artist, but Scarborough rapper VHS has a voice unlike any we’ve heard. Deep and raspy with a cutting edge, his tone commands respect each time the artist spits a bar. Combined with a knack for songwriting, the combination of talents make him a lethal competitor coming up.

Music can be taught to a certain degree, but natural understanding of cadences in hip-hop only appear in artists who are really meant for it. “Relax” is a fierce new release from the artist that reflects on the feelings of being counted out – considerably for the last time. Featuring impressive production by Ahkilo and mixing by xCampbell, we’re sure this single will secure your respect too.

Listen to “Relax” below, and follow VHS on Instagram.

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