Renz Monclare Puts Vancouver On The Map With "Elantra"

Renz Monclare Puts Vancouver On The Map With "Elantra"

The West Coast is full of emerging talents, and among them is Renz Monclare. The Vancouver singer/songwriter brings us a vibrant new take on electronic-influenced modern R&B with his new single “Elantra.” The song builds on the successful release of “Remote Location” this past December.

Written in late 2018, the song is heavily inspired by the ending of a past relationship. The artist reflects on being blinded by temptations, bad timing, and ending things too quickly. By the end of the song, Monclare comes to the conclusion that what felt like was the right decision at the time, only helped him realize he had something great all along.

Listen to “Elantra” below, and follow Renz Monclare on Instagram.

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