MASTR makes his video debut with "Mary Poppins"

MASTR makes his video debut with "Mary Poppins"

There’s no better time for new music than the summer. Breaking artists continue to bring new, innovative sounds to the the table and MASTR is the latest to take a seat with his first release and accompanied music video, “Mary Poppins.”

“He uses his voice as an instrument to transition between witty bars and sultry snarls,” said in an email from his management. “Originally born in Brooklyn to a Panamanian mother and Trinidadian father, MASTR accredits his creativity to the Reggae and Soca that constantly permeated the home.”

In MASTR’s own words, “‘Mary Poppins’ is about his freedom from past demons, freedom from limitations, freedom from myself. I never wanted much out of life, but to be free.

Watch “Mary Poppins” below and follow MASTR on Instagram.

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