Watch Dave Fields' Introspective & Honest New Release "Sad & Sorry"

Watch Dave Fields' Introspective & Honest New Release "Sad & Sorry"

Vancouver artist Dave Fields has been a key member of the city’s thriving arts and music community who continues to champion authenticity in his music. The 27 year-old is a multi-faceted artist, based in Vancouver, and hailing from Southern Ontario.

His new single “Sad & Sorry” might be the most moving track we’ve heard from him, and one which deserves your attention. There’s never been a better, or more appreciated time, for artists to get honest about the reality of the challenges we all go through. “Sad & Sorry” was produced by Fields, and frequent collaborator Matthew Harvey.

On writing “Sad & Sorry,” Dave explains, “I wrote this song from the pit. I was tired, anxious, and mentally drained. I needed to speak candidly on the energy I was feeling from people around me. Not even necessarily people directly in my life—just people. Just this feeling that things around us were getting carried away. This feeling that people were caring less, loving less, helping each other less, and caring about themselves more. I wanted to challenge people to think critically about themselves and their values, myself included.

Watch the official music video for “Sad & Sorry” below, and follow Dave on Instagram.

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