Premiere: Shawn Morozza is "Calling It" After Releasing His Final Project, Sushi & Soulfood

Premiere: Shawn Morozza is "Calling It" After Releasing His Final Project, Sushi & Soulfood

Shawn Morozza was just an experiment,” the Vancouver based artist said; sinking deeper into his seat, gazing out the window of his Westside home. “It was an experiment that turned into a mission, a dream and a journey that led me to amazing places, people and experiences.

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Shawn Morozza, who legally goes by the name Sean Moroziuk, has been steady making and releasing music for the last 5 years. Inspired by a wide variety of hip hop and alternative artists from Brockhampton to Ghostemane, Moroziuk stands out from the crowd by bringing his own perspective and experience into his sound.

After a tumultuous past couple years, Moroziuk made the tough decision to retire his moniker for good following the release of his last record, Sushi & Soulfood. We were excited to get the chance to catch up with the thoughtful artist and premiere his final project which is now available to stream on Spotify.

So, what’s the story behind your artist name?

Shawn: Shawn Morozza is just a moniker I came up with in high school, it’s pretty similar to my real name but is not my real name. I wanted a degree of separation between my public persona and legal name; but I also saw it as a better version of myself, something that I could aspire to. 

What would you say your style is as an artist?

Shawn: I never really stuck to one style to be honest. I wouldn’t even know how to classify the music I make except for that it’s mostly modern, electronic based beats that I think sound pretty original; maybe a bit weird.

Tell us about your project Sushi and Soulfood

Shawn: Sushi & Soulfood is a collection of the best songs I’ve made in the past 2-3 years. It’s a long overdue project which was marred by life struggles, failed plans and a lack of direction. I’m happy it’s finally coming out.

Tell us more about the title of the EP, is the sushi a reference to life in Vancouver?

Shawn: The title isn’t a reference to Vancouver per se, although living in the Greater Vancouver Area is definitely why the project sounds the way it does. I don’t think Vancouver really has a “signature sound” outside of electronic music though; I think most of the people who have found success in hip hop that are from Vancouver have created their own unique sound.

SonReal, Tommy Genesis, bbno$, Brevner and So Loki all have a pretty wide range of sounds while all falling somewhat within the same genre. Sushi & Soulfood is just a reference to the variety of music in the project; light stuff and heavy stuff. Some days I feel like sushi, some days I want soulfood. It’s not that deep, haha.

So it’s official, this is going to your last release as Shawn Morozza. Why are you deciding to stop now?

Shawn: Shawn Morozza was an experiment that turned into a mission, a dream and a journey that has led me to amazing places, people and experiences. It was never really an identifiable brand or business; just me making the music that I wanted to hear for my own selfish reasons. I started this journey when I was 18 and now, at age 25, looking back at my growth as an artist and as a person, I’m proud to say that this chapter of my life is now over. 

How do you think you your relationship with music changed since you started releasing music as Shawn Morozza?

Shawn: My relationship with music has matured. I saw how the industry really operates; there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors, there’s a lot of capping, there’s a lot of ass kissing, there’s a lot of people out to rip you off. That’s not me.

The trials of this business have been pushing me to be the best version of myself. often i have failed, but i’ve come out for the better, and finally been able to make a whole project that I am proud of, which is ‘Sushi & Soulfood.’

What’s next for you?

Shawn: What’s next for me? I’ll be continuing with my video work, working with dope artists and with inspiring people, bringing their visions to life. I’m blessed to make a living from my art and i can’t take that for granted. I’ll probably continue making music but, not in the same capacity.

Anything else you want to say?

Shawn: I wanna’ say thank you to D’ARCC for their awesome work and ethic, providing quality original content and giving me and other artists a place to share ourselves. Keep killing it!

Sushi & Soulfood is now available to stream on Spotify.

Photo: Vanessa Tam
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