Cover Art - Ashton Mills

Ashton Mills Releases His Debut Single “Paper Boats”

An experienced musician, Ashton Mills is no newcomer to the music industry – having played live guitars/keyboards for Juno award-winning artist Jazz Cartier and previously producing music for Amir ObĂ©, Ca$tro Guapo, CMDWN, and Eli Sostre. However, this next year is sure to be exceptionally special for the Toronto producer/instrumentalist as he premieres his first single “Paper Boats.”

The single serves as the first delivery from Ashton’s upcoming debut project, YWMLMM, and one that you won’t want to miss. Completely self produced and engineered, “Paper Boats” effortlessly puts Ashton’s instrumental abilities on display as he easily finds pockets between the beautiful layers of production and additional vocals from Nicole Era, Samantha Era, and Ramona Amante. Listeners will be captivated with the intricate melodies, contemporary production, and soulful instrumentation.

Stream “Paper Boats” below, and follow Ashton on Instagram for upcoming releases from YWMLMM.

Photography: Hoeshell