SHARÚK Sings of "Late Night" Temptations On His New Single

SHARÚK Sings of "Late Night" Temptations On His New Single
The West Coast is full of promising talet, and at only 26 years old Vancouver-based artist SHARÚK remains a force to watch in 2020. The multi-faceted singer/songwriters debuts “Late Night,” a moody and self-reflective track with production from Vancouver producer KULTARGOTBOUNCE. Recognized by his enticing hooks and charismatic wordplay, “Late Night” signals that the best is still coming from the artist.

Inspired by late-night temptations, SHARÚK creates a mesmerizing and emotional aura set against vivid imagery. He easily weaves together both R&B and hip hop influences, while defining a lane sonically of his own. Both self-reflections and bravado are balanced effortlessly as he sings, “Late night, I just hit your line up on a late night, You should hit my line up girl don’t waste time, Imma’ pull up on you, Imma’ take mines.” 

The artist sings of the dangerous temptation to contact his love interest in the late hours, while battling with the inevitable negative repercussions of a rendezvous. He reflects on resisting this person both emotionally and physically, knowing that he can’t be available to their full needs. Ending 2019 on a high note, “Late Night” teases the release an upcoming project in the new year and is sure to be kept on rotation for weeks to come.

Stream “Late Night” on all streaming platforms now, and follow SHARÚK on Instagram to follow all upcoming future releases.
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