Boslen Adds To Vancouver's New Standard With "BLACK LOTUS"

Boslen Adds To Vancouver's New Standard With "BLACK LOTUS"

The standard of music being produced by Vancouverites has seen a much-needed evolution during the latter part of 2019 – due in part to the execution of projects such as BLACK LOTUS. The debut EP, named after the desire for Vancouver-residing rapper Boslen to, “blossom out from the mud,” speaks volumes and sets the tone for what’s to come in 2020 from those who happily call the Canadian West Coast home.

Originally born and raised in Chilliwack, BC – Boslen has grown his momentum throughout the previous year with anthems like, “Eye For An Eye” (a track which was later painted over by Manila Grey) and “Hidden Nights” featuring Illyminiachi, sitting gracefully in his catalogue. A catalogue that, with the addition of his premiere EP, has rewarded “Bozzy” a deal with booking agency MN2S – the same agency that represents Rick Ross, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Trippie Redd, NBA YoungBoy, and more.

The 7-track project is available on streaming services as of today, and contains production credits from a variety of conductors, such as: NXSTY, justsayin, kelland, and most notably Vancouver-born London Cyr on track #3 titled, “PRESS.” Not only is London Cyr a producer who’s worked on Travis Scott’s Grammy-nominated rap album, ASTROWORLD, but also with the likes of Killy, Jugger and 88Glam.

We sat down with the 20-year-old artist prior to the BLACK LOTUS listening party to discuss his personal motivations behind the project. Stream the EP, and read our full conversation below.

How do you make the most out of being from the Valley?

Boslen: The positive about creating from Chilliwack is that it makes the music more authentic. It’s isolated. It allows you to focus on your craft. Being from there pushes you to a certain point, where eventually, it ends up pushing you out of the valley.

It sounds as if you’ve just embraced Chilliwack for what it is.

Boslen: Of course, it made me who I am.

Was this project an “easy” project to make? Throughout the process you never seemed stressed out.

Boslen: You kind of hit it – this was kind of “easy” to make. I just ended up rapping about my life. My transition from living in Victoria and being from Chilliwack was how this project was made. This just felt like a “finally” type of moment. It seems as if I just got to the city. I’ve been working with different producers, meeting all types of different people. Man, this has just been fun.

Lastly, why “BLACK LOTUS”?

Boslen: Lotus Flowers, they grow from the mud. So coming out of the Valley, or coming out from the mud, resembles where I’m from. Also my mom, who grew up as a single mother, represents just that. All my sisters have tattoos of a lotus flower. My mom is Buddhist, it all hits home for me. Man, the project represents family. It means working from the mud, working from the shadows and blossoming into something beautiful.

Black Lotus is available on all streaming platforms now. Follow Boslen on Instagram for future releases.

Photography by Cam Corrado & Choas Club Digital

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