Other Empty Room: Mcevoy hints new EP with "Settle Down"

Other Empty Room: Mcevoy hints new EP with "Settle Down"

He’s back.

“Settle Down” is vintage Mcevoy with a touch of polished ambiance that is unattainable to anyone else. The Vancouverite showcases his plethora of skills all over the 238 seconds of streaming. The conclusion of the second verse (which for lack of a better word, is lethal) will have you forgetting that it is yes-him, on the third verse.

These are moments where comparisons to Atlanta rapper Offset can suddenly be created. In the now noted correlation, you will find two individuals who have the ability to orchestrate ingredient-heavy music from an ensemble, made up of one person. In other words – you find sheer talent, and a lot of it.

In an article on Redbull.com, Jamila Pomeroy describes the synth-pop artist as someone who, “transforms the evils of technology into modern-day blessings, and creates genre-defying music with an air of lucidity.” Trust that this description isn’t fiction.

This new single is partially self-produced with aid supplied from Kookoo and Dalilah. Ultimately “Settle Down” achieves two things for the budding singer/songwriter: It sets the pace for Mcevoy’s upcoming EP titled, Other Empty Room and adds to what has been an entertaining wrap to the decade for Canada’s West Coast.

Stream the new single on all streaming platforms and follow Mcevoy on Instagram for future releases.

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