EXORDIUM: Introducing Teshalé

EXORDIUM: Introducing Teshalé

Vancouver’s Teshalé brings in 2020 with a pleasant surprise by debuting himself, and his freshman project EXORDIUM. The 17-minute package consists of 6 tracks and a boatload of melodies. That, and a lot of talent. 

The cadences and overall final sound from the songs allow you to question the whereabouts of his musical inspirations. There’s a level of uniqueness to Teshalé’s execution on Exordium that quickly becomes apparent.

It’s safe to say that the wait was worth it. After the release of Teshale’s 2016 heater, “For the Dough“, which featured ‘Couve’ pioneer Seth Kay, we heard very little from the 21-year-old crooner. With that being said, when the city received a sliver of what was to come in the months prior, all ears and audiences were satisfied and eagerly awaiting the release. Notable features include Vancouver artists Illyminiachi & SIDE, which help bring the just-stated to life.

We sat down with the creator of EXORDIUM to talk about his new project, and what inspired his sound. Read our full interview below. 

D’ARCC: How did you stay calm and patient throughout the large gap in between drops?

Teshalé: I didn’t take much influence from what was happening around me. I just consistently stayed working. That way I wasn’t worried about anything else. 

It had me focus on making as much music as I could, until I figured out perfecting my sound and realizing what exactly sounded good.

D’ARCC: So who does influence you [musically]?

Teshalé: Every genre. I kind-of take influences from the melodies created. Tame Impala is someone I listen to for that. I pay attention to the production and as far as the sonics go, I just go off on the feeling a track can give.

D’ARCC: I kept asking myself, who are you talking to throughout this project with songs such as “Do Better” – yourself?

Teshalé: No. It’s more about my surroundings and direct subjects.

D’ARCC: Tell me more about Quintana?

Teshalé: We met through a homie and have the same likings for music. He’s super talented and has a lot going for him. He mixed and engineered the whole thing. 

D’ARCC: The other feature was from ANKLEGOD. Not going to lie, I didn’t see that coming at all. How’d that come about? 

Teshalé: It was super unexpected for sure. I met him through AC [ACDATYOUNGN*GGA] and linked up at the studio with an idea I had for a record. I had the vision for a song where the build-up was made for him and a verse. He hopped on it and killed it.

D’ARCC: Last question. Was the wait worth it?

Teshalé: Yeah. Everything leading up to it worked. I had features out that gave somewhat of an idea of who I was. 

I was always just working on the craft and wanted to put out a project that people could digest and have it be understood. It was all successful.

Stream EXORDIUM available now on all streaming services, and follow Teshalé on Instagram.