TRYZTN Signals New Era of R&B With "Got You"

TRYZTN Signals New Era of R&B With "Got You"

TRYZTN is a gifted 25 year old artist from Toronto who makes music for the same reason you would assume most artists do, “Expression, to release, to feel. Music gives me my voice,” the up and coming creative shares. He further explains, “It allows me to convey a message and communicate emotion with people. Music is something that connects so many people around the world. Brings people together, allows people to feel connected though we all live and lead such different lives. Growing up music helped me through a lot of rough times and at times it felt as if my favourite artists were speaking about the same shit I was going through, or even speaking to me. If the music I create now can allow one person to feel or inspire any positive emotion, through expressing my truth, I’ve done what I set out to do.

Prior to the release of his recent new R&B-infused song “Got You,” Tryztn wiped the slate clean, archiving most of his previous songs and pictures to set a new standard for himself while letting the audience know that he’s, “coming different.” Tryztn says, ” I want people to know that I’m taking my craft seriously. I just wanted a blank slate, a fresh canvas for the picture I’m bout to paint for y’all.”

The plan for TRYZTN now is to continue to put music out, releasing a few more singles as he gears towards his new project. The artist and songwriter is working on expanding his audience, “from my living room and uber back seats, to shows with larger audiences” he explains. As to what we can expect to hear from him, he says, “Some soulful vibes will definitely be curated in the near future.”

Stream TRYZTN’s new single “Got You” below and follow him on Instagram for future releases.

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