EscapeTracks Introduces Desiire In Live Session, Pride Month Special

EscapeTracks Introduces Desiire In Live Session, Pride Month Special

Toronto-based singer, songwriter, LGBTQ artist Desiire performs his song “Closer” for the 9th episode of EscapeTracks‘ Live Sessions. This newest live session performance is a Pride Month special which aims to bring awareness to Pride Month, #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackTransLivesMatter. 

Earlier this year, EscapeTracks released their first live session special with Mikhala Jené celebrating Women’s History Month. Pride Month is another occasion where the R&B platform has leveraged its’ audience to bring attention and awareness to current social and civil rights movements. 100% of all revenues generated from the episode will be donated and split equally between: SNAP 4 FREEDOM and Black Lives Matter.

SNAP 4 FREEDOM is an organization that builds on the power of black trans and queer communities to force systemic divestment from the prison industrial complex and invest in community support. A donation to the organization will help fund programs like a 16 week internship program to create effective leaders to end the crisis of mass criminalization.

Black Lives Matter forges critical connections and works in solidarity with black communities. A donation to the organization helps actively dismantle all forms of anti-black racism, liberate blackness, support black healing, affirm black existence and create freedom for black communities through systemic change at all government levels.

Watch Desiire perform “Closer” in the Live Session video below, and follow the artist on Instagram. Donate to both organizations at the links provided throughout the video.

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