There's A Strong New Voice in R&B, Listen to "On Fire" By PxRRY

There's A Strong New Voice in R&B, Listen to "On Fire" By PxRRY

At a time when music fans are craving emotional and authentic music experiences more than ever, upcoming R&B talent PxRRY is making a strong introduction with his, “sharp lyrics and tone reminiscent of the golden age of R&B.” The Connecticut-raised singer/songwriter has previously written songs for some of R&B’s most prominent names.

Serving as his second offering of 2020, his latest single release “On Fire” premieres with us today and will undoubtedly resonate with female audiences with adoration. The single draws in production from Lil Wayne’s recent collaborator Chill Shump, and follows up PxRRY’s visual introduction “Best Friends.”

We caught up with the rising artist to talk about his new single, making the move to Atlanta, navigating the music industry, and what’s next. Stream “On Fire” below, and read our full conversation.

Photographer: Shaun Llewellyn 

Thank you for speaking with us about your new release. What was the process like creating “On Fire” and what inspired you to write it?

PxRRY: Ahh man creating “On Fire” was fun and mad easy. My guy Shump played a few beats and for some reason that one hit. The melody came to me instantly, so any time that happens I’ll just go in the booth, mumble a few melodies, and after a few times the words start to come together. An hour late the song was done.

On this single you worked with Lil Wayne’s recent collaborator Chill Shump, who produced the track. How did that collaboration come about?

PxRRY: That’s the homie, we’re from the same place in Connecticut. We’ve worked on a couple of tracks together before, my single, “Fall Back” too. This just happened to be the first time this year we were able to lock in and find some vibes since I’ve been traveling and he’s been working on his own thing. This song is one for the city!

This is a very empowering song for your female audience. How do the women in your life inspire the music you make?

PxRRY: Yeah, I love empowering the ladies man. I gotta make women feel good when they listen to my songs. The women in my life are actually the ones creating my music, not me because I get my inspiration from them. Conversations, real life experiences, moments we have are what I pay attention to. Listening to them talk just about their day to day life will help me make a song, so that’s the real inspiration.

You’ve worked with a lot of great names in R&B, like Angie Stone and Eric Bellinger. Did you always know that you wanted to be an artist and create music?

PxRRY: I’ve wanted to be an artist since I was a kid. I grew up listening to so much music, different types of music from Blues, R&B, Hip hop, etc. I started out in a dance group at a young age so performing was my chance to imitate the artists I looked up to. I saw how much of an effect music can have on someones life, someones day. I wanted to be able to give that same feeling to people as an entertainer. Artists like Usher and Chris Brown definitely inspired me because I don’t just sing, I put on a show and entertain.

Being from Atlanta, do you feel like the city has influenced your sound? If so, in what ways?

PxRRY: I’m originally from Connecticut actually. I moved to Atlanta though a few years ago because I just knew I would learn more about music. Also, just wanted to be in a more creative environment. Atlanta has the sauce mannn and everyone knows it! There’s so much GREAT talent, people, and opportunities there to inspire you so it definitely helped inspire my sound. Most importantly, that’s where I learned how to write a real hook and a good song. Being from up north in CT, I feel like it helped create the perfect mix in my sound because you can hear influences from both places when you listen to my music.

The path for artists in the music industry isn’t always clear. How did you know which steps to take next throughout your career?

PxRRY: I would have to give that to my team and the people that been holding me down these past couple of years. We’re still figuring this thing out everyday. I just love creating the music, performing, connecting with fans. My team definitely helps guide the best moves to make and we come together to create a plan. The key is I just have to keep dropping music to wake up the rest of the world!

For people who are finding or listening to your music for the first time – what’s something that you want people to know about you or take away?

PxRRY: I just want them to feel me, understand that my lyrics come from a real place. It’s easy to relate to because a song is just a story most of the time. I love saying the things people are afraid to say. I’m the artist that when you hear my music you’ll say, “yep, he gets it!” I speak for everyone and a I bring a vibe and I plan to keep doing just that.

“On Fire” is your second release of 2020 and a strong one. Can we look forward to a project from you in the near future?

PxRRY: I appreciate that! Definitely got some more fire coming this year. Dropping a couple more singles to lead up to the project. I haven’t dropped enough,  been holding too many slaps and I’m just ready to give them to the world so they can feel me. Definitely want to come to Canada soon too to check out what the vibe is out there! Once we’re out of quarantine it’s go time, back on stage, and touching the people.

Stream “On Fire” out now on all streaming platforms, and follow PxRRY on Instagram to keep up with future releases.

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