Swagger Rite Releases Powerful New Visuals For "Sticky"

Swagger Rite Releases Powerful New Visuals For "Sticky"

Toronto recording artist Swagger Rite is back with his latest release and accompanying new visuals. The OVO co-signed artist dropped the video for his new single “Sticky,” a slow and melancholy track, featuring gloomy piano lines and a classic triple timed high-hat beat.

Swagger Rite relays, “I created this song and visual long before any of the recent news because these are issues that have always been, and continue to be rampant. We are in times of change globally, and systemic change is needed in Canada to address society’s deep shortcomings. The video was made in an effort to expose and challenge how society can change for the better.”

The cinematic video was recorded in November 2019, and filmed in a funeral parlor. The plot touches on the narrative of loss, retaliation, and street violence. It was filmed and directed by Rodzilla, and co-directed by Troy Crossfield from Crossfield House Productions. Although the track was recorded in 2019, the artist chose to release the video now due to the recent protests against systemic racism and police brutality.

Through e-mail correspondence, Swagger explains, “‘Sticky’ is not just about the gun violence happening in our city. This song is dedicated to the current times we are living in. We are losing people to ‘sticky’ situations. People not protecting themselves when they are leaving their homes, people dying from this pandemic, Black men and women dying at the hands of the police…we are literally living in what it seems like the end of times. Being a rapper, I wonder why it feels like I’m being watched…but not protected. They would rather see me in cuffs then help me build in my community. We all have our codes, but I hope one day we can all come together and find human ground. There is no reason for someone to leave this earth by gun violence. I think we can all talk more…figure this out more… but, I will protect myself and my family. This is not negotiable…everything else…is ‘sticky’…but, not them.”

Watch the official music video for “Sticky” below, and follow Swagger Rite on Instagram for future releases.