Journey Montana Is An R&B Success Story In The Making

Journey Montana Is An R&B Success Story In The Making

At only 17 years old, Journey Montana is a force to be reckoned with. Characterized by her strong and confident voice, the singer/songwriter is blazing her own unique path in her early music career. Making the jump from Youtube entertainer to recording artist, Journey is poised for success following the release of her first two singles, “Show Me Your Love” and “Better.” Both are tracks which continue racking in thousands of streams, independently.

Blurring the lines between modern Pop and R&B, the young artist delivers her newest visual delivery for “Case Of The Ex.” The new single and accompanying video is a sweet R&B tribute to a past relationship, marked by smooth croons, and insightful reflections that poise her confidence and delivery as more mature than her years.

We caught up with the young artist to talk about her new video, and how emotion plays a large role in the music she consumes and wants to create. Read our full conversation below.

Thanks so much for speaking with us, and congratulations on the release of “Case of The Ex.” How does it feel to have this video out now?

Journey: Thanks for having me! It feels amazing to finally have everything out and finished! It’s always a rush releasing new music and visuals, seeing everyone’s response to your ideas and creativity is the best feeling.

What was the creative process like making this song and video – what inspired you to create it?

Journey: Well I wanted to do something like this for a while, something girly and fun and PINK ! I recorded the idea for the song in Philly, and just sat on it for a few months until one day I just thought of how it would be perfect to drop right now, already having the music video concept in mind. So we flew to Atlanta, finished the song, and shot the music video the next day!

At only 17 years old, how has the process been finding your voice as a young woman in the music industry?

Journey: The process has always been very thought out and paced, having several conversations just about my sound and my lane before I had even started recording. But even now, I’m still organically growing into my sound and trying different and new things so that’s definitely something exciting.

How long have you been creating music, and was it always your plan or goal to become a recording artist?

Journey: I have been recording for a bit over 5 years now, but yes music has always been the goal growing up. Even as a baby, my mom always knew I would sing. 

What artists or genres inspire the music you make, and who are you listening to right now?

Journey: My inspirations when it comes to music are artists like Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Etta James, Toni Braxton, and Michael Jackson. Those are the artist I studied as a child and pull the fundamentals of my music style from. I’m currently listening to Pop Smoke, J.I., and Flo Milli.

What kind of adversity have you faced so far, in your life or career, and how has it influenced the music you make?

Journey: Well all of my music is influenced by real life experiences and things I have gone through. Which of course includes heartbreak, one sided relationships/friendships, and I have some music coming that speaks more on how life was growing up in my neighborhood.

How do you stay inspired and creative during this pandemic and through the isolation?

Journey: Well during the pandemic I have kept busy and creative through social media. I’ve been painting and drawing during my free time, and we’ve also been shooting a lot of at-home quarantine music videos and content that I can’t wait for everyone to see!

What do you want your fans and new listeners to take away from your music, and you as an artist?

Journey: I know what music does for me. When I’m sad, I listen to music. When I’m happy, I listen to music. Even when I don’t know how I feel, I listen to music. Music helps me express my feelings and great music is always relatable to some degree. It’s all about emotion. I just hope to do that for my fans and supporters, I want emotion and relatability to always be among what they take away from me and my music.

Watch Journey Montana in her video for “Case Of The Ex” below, and follow her on Instagram to keep up with future releases.