Breaking Down the "Running Dance" with AVRY

Breaking Down the "Running Dance" with AVRY

Vancouver singer/songwriter AVRY is back with his second single after pursuing an independent music career. Joining the West Coast-based artist on his latest release is collaborator Prznt, who contributes his unique vocals as the chosen feature.

“Running Dance” features elements of spontaneity, unanticipated connections, neverending collaboration and a trip to the state of grace, Hawaii. We connected with the former member of 4.0.4 to outline the change of pace and his first solo release.

How was the transition going solo after being part of a pop-group?

AVRY: It’s been cool.

I’ve never had the opportunity to make music on my own – never having the entirety of the creative process. The selection of the hooks, verses, melodies, the writing and even the back-end production has me feeling more connected to the music.

Breakdown the term “Running Dance”?

AVRY: We (the team) always talked about having that question asked, ‘What’s the “Running Dance”‘?

To be completely honest while I was recording it, it just brought me back to Hawaii. A place I often visit. We have a dance that we often bring out there and it found it’s way into the booth.

And then I just said it and it worked. I was thinking of changing it with different versions but kept going back to the “Running Dance.” It’s just meant for interpretation, even though it it came from a direct representation of how I felt in that moment.

How’d you connect with PRZNT?

AVRY: Pretty random honestly. The Youtuber Patrick Cc: does music reviews once and a while, and offers up live reactions to songs that are sent to him.

Two months after reacting to one of my songs he hit me up out of the blue. He told me he was releasing a collection of songs and was interested in collaborating. He ended up sending one of my songs with an open verse to PRZNT (not “Running Dance”) and he hopped on it. After that, I sent him “Running Dance” cause I felt he’d fit in the pocket and he worked with the track.

Talk about your writing regimen.

AVRY: I enjoy hearing the progression of a beat. Those sounds get my mind rolling. When I first started, I just stayed put behind the mic free-styling line after line on top of a beat. I always tracked melodies down first and write at the booth.

That being said, if i can’t think of a chorus within the first 3 to 10 seconds of hearing the beat, I move on from it. Even if I believe the beats interesting. When I’m forcing a chorus I have to move on. Someone else must do justice to that beat. Recently, I’ve been taking more time away from the mic because I was writing too quick. Now I’m sitting down. I’m taking a second. As an artist, I want more from my lyricism.

The production stands out heavy on this one. What was the initial reaction when listening to it first?

AVRY: The original beat came from this producer from Toronto called Maverick. I worked with him a couple of times. I heard it and never created with Latin sounds. So I recorded half a verse and chorus on the way out of a session and had it sit for four months.

Then I was with Chris (Yonge) who heard it and recommended that it could use guitars and something else. He took it and somehow made it his own. The breakdown with Jamaican roots wasn’t in there before. The first time I heard that version, I thought it was insane. Maverick helped create the melodies and Chris flipped it on it’s head and made it what it was.

Stream “Running Dance” out now on streaming platforms, and follow AVRY on Instagram for future releases.