Inside The Clouds with Vancouver's REVÈ

Inside The Clouds with Vancouver's REVÈ

The summer on the West Coast of Canada continues to impress. This time around, 20-Year-Old REVÈ found a way to extend the streak with her release of the hushed yet insistent single, “Cold Hearted.”

The two-minute lift into the mind of the dreamer is aided by KULTARGOTBOUNCE production and adds to what has become a catalogue worthy of discovery. We talked to the Vancouver-based singer/songwriter about her newest release, and her motivations creating “Cold Hearted.”

So how does it feel to be “Cold Hearted” ?

REVÈ: I guess certain situations can bring certain feelings and when you’ve experienced that same feeling too many times, you become numb to it.

It’s simple, when you’re cold-hearted you can’t feel the emotion yet you can make it.

Talk about the clouds [Single Artwork]?

REVÈ: At first, did they really mean much to me? I just wanted the clouds to represent the sound and the summer. Something easy to digest which connected it with the song itself.

But as I started looking at it [artwork] more and more, I realized it has a lot to do with having my head in clouds and feeling distant but there when I was writing the song.

How many hours was needed to complete this single?

REVÈ: Two.

Talk about your various sounds. Does that ever make you uncomfortable? Is it difficult to understand who you are as a musician?

REVÈ: I don’t think it makes me unsure of who I am but it does make me nervous.

It can confuse the listener because they’re expecting one thing and they get another. I kind of already feel it with this release. It’s just that people have different preferences.

Everyone calls it an experimental faze but it’s never going to be just one thing. I enjoy a number of genres and I wanna express that. They’re just going to have to get use to it.

Are you okay with that?

REVÈ: I am right now.

What does the rest of 2020 look like for REVÈ?

REVÈ: I think going back to what I said about expressing myself through the genres I enjoy. People are going to see the full form of that.

Stream REVÈ’s new single “Cold Hearted” out now on all streaming platforms, and follow the artist on Instagram for future releases.