Kid Sharif Finds Truth And His Pack With “Wolves”

Kid Sharif Finds Truth And His Pack With “Wolves”

The “lone wolf” Kid Sharif is back with his third release of 2020 and brings the boardroom to the act. “Wolves” delivers a glimpse into how the British Columbian maneuvers upon this journey in music, an unpredictable route in which a healthy balance of collaboration with the pack and productive alone time is needed direly.

Musically speaking, Sharif’s latest is dangerously simple. The droning message paired with the KULTARGOTBOUNCE production creates a harmony that is once again dangerously simple, yet effective. We sat down with the 23-year-old to talk about his latest release.

Tell me about your wolfpack and how this song came about?

Kid Sharif: We’ve been releasing more “light” sounds. We had nothing new to listen to that was hard and for when the team was mobbing together. We literally made this off of feel. We needed this song.

That’s how it’s been for you recently? Making your music in the moment based off the feel of the room?

Kid Sharif: Yeah. I mean I do have a couple sessions coming up with the stems for some beats that I’ve had for a while and are preparing to use. But as for these releases, we were just going in and making music organically and with fresh ideas all while in the studio.

What are you trying to convey when you talk about finding your truth all while being alone?

Kid Sharif: Well being with your wolfpack represents being with your wolves, your team, your mob. But the song also talks about being a lone wolf. When I’m not around the team, I’m lurking by myself finding my truth. 

How much has changed from your first project ‘Light Beam’ back in 2019, up until this point in the summer of 2020?

Kid Sharif: A lot honestly. I’m still happy with the first project but this time around, the writing is better. The storytelling and production is on another level. Looking back at it, we learned so much. If I were to do it again, some songs wouldn’t have came out. Maybe we would of released the music more down the single route. But now we just use the past as stepping stones. 

Writing is what separates great from good doesn’t it? 

Kid Sharif: Of course. You can keep a flow, maintain your sound and work with a production but it always does come back to the writing. 

Pick one. Writing a song or getting in the booth? 

Kid Sharif: Lately, since I’ve been focusing on it more. Writing. That’s becoming my favorite part. 

You’re on the island but you always come back to the city. Do you ever hear any differences in your music based on your environment?

Kid Sharif: You definitely get more island vibes over here. It’s more laid back. My work mode at home isn’t fully activated. At the same time though, I usually think of my ideas out here and bring them to the city where I feel as if I have to keep up with the momentum that’s in Vancouver. 

How have you dealt with 2020?

Kid Sharif: There’s pros and cons to what’s happened this year. There’s been time to be by yourself and find your truth. Again, it goes back to being a lone wolf. You just have more time to create and keeping that head down all while being in the studio with the pack.

Stream KID SHARIF’s new single “Wolves” out now on all streaming platforms, and follow the artist on Instagram for future releases.