The Showstopper Lands: Anklegod releases 'Only Time Will Tell'

The Showstopper Lands: Anklegod releases 'Only Time Will Tell'

Vancouver rising talent and the showstopper himself caps off a momentous summer for the Canadian West Coast with his ten-track album, Only Time Will Tell. The first launch outside of planet “ANKAVELI” (including two highly successful debut EPs) packs Anklegod‘s latest plus the two-needle pushing singles, “RIDE” featuring West Coast comrade SHARÚK and the aforementioned, “Showstopper.”

Anklegod, at the young age of 18, has found himself in must-listen-to territory as a result of his dedication to uncovering the outside of that box, carefree yet drafted out lyricism, and his often talked about relentless ethic to the craft.

The new addition to what should be a saved catalogue, adds more intrigue to a now panned out scenario. A number of tracks from his music catologue remain some of the most listened to music from Vancouver, created by those born just outside of the hub of British Colombia, The Valley.

We sat down with Ankle to discuss his new album. Read our conversation below, and stream, Only Time Will Tell, out now.

Is it difficult to be excited for this debut in 2020?

Anklegod: Yeah. I would say it is. I mean…I’ve been working on this for a long time and it means a lot for me, you know what I’m saying? I mean the release date is here, bruh.

This shit’s been crazy cause we’ve been working on this for so long. All while trying to stay positive and focused all year.

Now a lot of people in the city talk about your work ethic in the studio. You’re always “on” when you’re in a session. Correct me if I’m wrong, you’re still having fun right?

Anklegod: Haha…Hell yeah, of course.

I ask this to everyone down here. Is it difficult moving in a less established city when it comes to the music industry? How do you stay motivated?

Anklegod: I mean if you can stay focused on wherever your goal is, it doesn’t matter where you’re at. I don’t really need to be worrying about half the shit I be worrying about. I could really just be focusing on working every day and none of that shit would affect me.

Okay, that makes sense cause your project is called Only Time Will Tell” and that tells me you have peace of mind with where you’re at right now.

Anklegod: This project is a real good summation of how I’ve been pushing through.

This is sounding as if it’s the perfect time to drop this project.

Anklegod: Yeah…Yeah, Yeah.

And we see some of that in the “Showstopper” music video. That place you’re at right now. Carrying on, we have to spend some time on quite possibly the song of the year from the city of Vancouver. What happened on that night you recorded that song?

Anklegod: Damn, that’s crazy. It’s lowkey the opposite.

It’s funny…I was recording shit all night and it got to the point where the sun was coming up at 7 in the morning. I was going through beats and I found the beat for “Showstopper.”

Then I remember earlier in the day watching this Future documentary, and DJ Esco was talking about how when you get tired, that’s when the best shit comes out cause you not really thinking about it. I heard the beat again and it just lined up with how I was feeling. I didn’t know what to say on the beat but shit, I felt it.

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Photo: Jose Palanca