2Kz Drops New Album, Rated T for Trap, Featuring Swaggerite

2Kz Drops New Album, Rated T for Trap, Featuring Swaggerite

Among the most promising talents coming out of the GTA is Scarborough recording artist 2Kz. The emcee once again proves he’s a dynamic force to be watched with the release of his third album, Rated T for Trap, showcasing his signature charismatic bars and balanced bravado. Blending heavy trap inspirations with haunting melodies, the project also taps a feature from Toronto music peer and OVO co-signed Swaggerite.

Among the 12-track project are noticeable album hits including, “Kife Don’t Sell,” and “Digging Graves (Freestyle).” But on slowed down tracks like “Whispers” and “All My Life,” 2Kz impressively taps into his emotional vulnerability and provides a thoughtful contrast with heavy reflections. The depth of his bars will both impress and have an impact on new listeners, as he sings, “All my life, nothing sweet nothing nice/In the trenches, I done spent a thousand nights/Nothing easy over here, we had to fight.”

Showcasing a handful of Toronto talent, the album features a slew of promising talented producers including Blu Blazer, 210, Blanco Beats, GIA, Gibbo Beats, and more. Without a doubt, Rated T for Trap, will rise to the top as one of the top quality projects out of Toronto this half of the year – and the album truly deserves its’ flowers.

Stream Rated T for Trap below, and follow 2Kz on Instagram to keep up with all future releases. Photography by Ry Ones.

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